Sinigang na Bangus

Sinigang na Bangus is a sort of fish soup with a sour clear liquid. This recipe is simple, but it is my favorite of all the variations that I have tried. My family enjoys it as well because it is both simple and delicious. The fresh taste of the fish is perfectly matched by the warm sour broth.

If you’re just starting out in the kitchen, this recipe is a great place to start. It’s not difficult to make, and the step-by-step instructions below, as well as our cooking video, should help. Here are some pointers for newcomers. Make sure to use the freshest bangus you can find. It will also be wonderful to have all of the fresh vegetables recommended in the recipe. Crisp vegetables are my preference. To keep the color and texture of them, try not to overcook them.

The best way to consume sinigang na bangus is with hot rice. I also like it with fish sauce as a flavor. Simply pour some fish sauce into a saucer and sprinkle with a few chili pepper slices. Yummy!

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